Welcome to my website

I have created it as a way for people to find out about my work in ecopsychology, including the vision fasting work that I lead with my wife Jill Dunkley. There is also a page on my psychotherapy services.

Ecopsychology places all psychological and spiritual matters within the context of our membership in the natural world. It is a psychology that says "we too are nature." It is also a kind of psychological politics dedicated to building an ecological society--a society that serves life and maintains the ecological integrity of the earth. My own work in ecopsychology has focused on the specific challenges and unique opportunities presented by this new field.

For those interested in studying ecopsychology with me, I teach an annual course at the University of Vermont, and can tailor a course for individuals who wish to study long-distance (see the "Teaching" heading on the Ecopsychology page).

For those in eastern Ontario, I will be speaking about ecopsychology at the Perth Chapter of the Ottawa International Writer's Festival on Saturday October 2nd. See details here.

I will also be leading a weekend workshop on Buddhist psychology at Wintergreen Studios, from October 23-25. This is a unique opportunity to study the ancient yet remarkably current teachings of the Buddha at a beautiful wilderness retreat centre. See details here.


~ Andy Fisher