Elder School

I launched the Eastern Forest Elder School in Perth in the spring of 2017, with the course “Elderhood 101.” The purpose of this School is to help develop genuine elders to serve our community.

While we all become seniors simply by reaching a certain age, we don’t automatically become elders. This School, then, will support us in developing into the beautiful and wise old pine trees of the forest. Because our aging-phobic culture overlooks elderhood as a stage of human development, we need a School like this.

The Elder School will take a variety of forms. The “Elderhood 101” course, taught through the Yoga Connection (YC) in Perth, got the ball rolling. All other courses I teach through the YC will also be part of the School, including my “Intro to Ecopsychology,” “Intro to Buddhist Psychology” (Parts 1 and 2), “Giving Psychotherapy Away,” and "Dream-Work for Everybody" courses. I will be announcing additional offerings in due time.

Looked at another way, this School is a venture in ecopsychology. Ecopsychology is in my view a kind of psychological politics to build a new kind of subject, one with psychological, ecological, and political literacy. The true elder is the one who most fully embodies these literacies.

If you have any interest in the Elder School at this stage, please drop me a line.