Wilderness Vigils

My wife Jill Dunkley and I have been leading wilderness vigils since 2004.   

We took a sabbatical from this work from 2015-2017 but have started up again. We are currently offering a vigil every September that involves 11 days in the field, with a 3 day wilderness solo in the middle of the experience. For now, however, this option is limited to those taking my Year-Long Training in Ecopsychology, as it offers these participants a way to round out their training experience together with a deep dive into wilderness soul work.

We are also working on building local community around this work, so that there is more of an ongoing experience for participants and a sharing of roles. 

In time, we plan to add further options, including a "day vigil," which is a shorter version of the wilderness solo, and a good way to get your feet wet with wilderness  work. We would also like to offer vigils specifically to adolescents and to elders.

Stay tuned.